Пятница , Октябрь 18 2019

Анализ GBP / USD. Фунт становится менее активным

On Tuesday afternoon, GBPUSD is slightly falling; the volatility in the pair is reducing.

The British Pound is trading a little bit downwards against the USD. The current quote for the instrument is 1.3080.

It became known the other day that the United Kingdom managed to agree with the European Union on a 6-months delay after all. At first, London asked for a delay until June 30th, but the European Union, being sick and tired of this British drama and hype around it, gave more time than the UK initially wanted to make sure that the Brits would surely find the right decision.

Today, there is a chance that the Pound enthusiasts may finally forget about the Brexit for a while and pay attention to the statistics.

In the afternoon, the United Kingdom is scheduled to report on the Unemployment Rate for February, which is expected to remain unchanged at 3.9%. The Average Earnings Index may add 3.5% 3m/y after expanding by 3.4% 3m/y in the previous period. The Claimant Count Change may be 17.3K in February after being 27K in January.

In general, the labor market numbers are expected to be rather neutral. However, in case the Average Earnings Index increases higher that predicted, it will be a positive sign for the Pound.